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'The Tommy the Tomato Show' Interview (Trailer)


I had the privilege of being a guest on 'The Tommy Tomato Show'. Tommy interviews several of my close colleagues to get an insight into my creative processes and secret recipes for film alchemy. 

Supernova Cash Out


An alien race from our future's past on a mission to explore dark energy sent a technologically advanced camera into what they thought was a typical black hole to record picture and sound for their 'black hole archives'. The images and sounds that emerged sent them into a state of infinite insanity, fraying at the edges of the absence of reality in a darkness that extends into the furthest reaches of the unknown.

For the first time ever, a scientist has found a way to ingest and transcode a small portion of this collected media so we are able to view it with the human eye. Please keep in mind that if viewed by the human eye, we may not see things the same way the aliens did and there is the risk of an ocular parasitic infection that will make you go mad.

Blood in the Butter


Melt into a fluid of vibrant luscious lunacy. Memories become power and melt down into a weapon. The source of that power becomes so electrified that it becomes everything.

Rinse: Repeat


A haunting journey into the shapeless corridors of time travel from the corporeal flesh to the intangible cerebral memories submerged beneath the sticky surface of the self. Time flows and light glows. Drown into the past, emerge in the present and float towards the future.



Shelly Kamiel is a filmmaker based in the Big Apple. Her dark, wryly humorous films invite viewers into an intense personal vision that is as unsettling as it is visually enticing. They unfold like shamanic trances with Kamiel as the solitary central figure conjuring visions that dissolve memory, dream and reality into a lyrical, often psychedelic phantasmagoria. For all their kaleidoscopic beauty, they are imbued with a deep fragility and shot through with a haunting current of bewildered melancholy. She is following up a recent short film trilogy made up of Rinse: Repeat (2018), Blood in the Butter (2019) and Supernova Cash Out (2020) with her first feature, Ghost Dust, which is projected for release in 2022.

Kamiel studied film at the film conservatory at SUNY Purchase and has worked in post-production for over a decade in NYC. You can read about her current work in the most recent Experimental Film Society book, "Luminous Void: Twenty Years of Experimental Film Society" under the chapter titled, "Shelly Kamiel: Dream Lights of the Neon Shaman", eloquently written by Maximilian Le Cain. 

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